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Friday, November 11, 2011

17th Annual Student Juried Art Show Award Winners

1st Place Undergrad - President's Award:   Alana Morris "Untitled"

1st Place Grad - Presidents Award:  Nathan Tonning "Trailer Queen"

2nd Place Undergrad - Deans Award:  Kim West "Absolute Power"

2nd Place Grad- Deans Award:  Suzanne Lussier "Abundance"

3rd Place Undergrad: Jessica Gordon

3rd Place Grad - Claire Melli "Skoon"

Honorable Mentions:
   Rachel Jones  "Free Fall"

 Sean Clute "Forever Young"
Miles Lusk "Primordial Soup"
Sara Mich "Untitled I"
Sean Bryers "Collaborate"
Katie Machain "Thought Orb Series"

MMAC Purchase Awards:
Suzanne Lussier: "Abundance"
Jennifer Bardsley "Mining Tunnels"
Rachel Jones "Free Fall"

School of Art Awards:
Andrew Hoeppner "Plush"
Nancy Rishoff "Weight for It"

Art Crit 250 Awards:
Nathan Tonning "Trailer Queen"
Penny Light
Chase McBride "July 2011"
Kylie Della "Self Portrait #8"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

17th Annual Juried Show Accepted Work

17th Annual Juried Show ACCEPTED WORKS

Congratulations to all who took the risk to enter and those of you that were accepted into this year’s exhibition.

Please note that there may be spelling errors due to typos, can’t read your handwriting, or exhaustion!  Please make legible corrections on this list.


Janaina Vieira (sp?) Marques – Taste
Sarah Mich – Untitled 1 and 2
William Serba – Summer Tea
C. Cordelia Raymond – Tumbler Set of 4
Katie Machain – Thought Orb Series
Chelsey Von Ehrenkrook – Flux
Katherine Foley – The North Side
Dane Hansen – Best Friends
Rebecca Martin – With Age
Burke Jam – Diptych
Shelby Johnson – Strength
Len Christiansen – Five Multiplied
James Louks – Benedition
Jenna Bao – Whale and I Going Abroad
Penny Light – Incision and Closing
Joshua Eck – Untitled
Stephanie Kenny – Untitled Keepsake #1
Sarah Jess Hurt – Balancing the Weight…
Ben Crawford – For Sale
Jack Metcalf – Untitled
Nancy Rishoff – Weight For It
Jen Bardsley – Berkely Pit Nest
Sarah Tancred – Cream and Sugar
Miles Lusk – Untitled Whale and Primordial Soup
Gregg Chambers – Process of Problem
Suzanne Lussier – Abundance
Ellie Weber – Its Only Temporary
Adam Dunlap – The Weight of Lies
Samantha Bowles – Powerline Road in Spring
Jessica Gordon – Nest
Sean Bryers – Collaborate
Alana Morris – Untitled
Katie Machain – Home
Andrew Hoeppner- Static and Plush
Melanie Enger – Excess
Cynthia Wood – Long Distance
Claire Shock- Neonate 3
Dean Foster – Chopped
Larry Neskey – Weighted Suspension
Shana Smith – Tribute to the Gorilla Girls
Rachel Jones – 3 Vases
Jason Bohman – Candy Corn Warhol
Torrence Gustafson – Newt 01
?   - A Feminine Side photograph Please tell me your name
Sean Bryers – Dimension Shrine
Kim West – Absolute Power
Sarah Eisenlehr – Presence
Gustav Hamilton – Hot Dish Pan
Jen Bardsley – Mining Tunnels
Emily Darling – Traditions
Sehlby Baldridge – The Other World
Melissa Lent – Untitled
Teresa Fahlgren – Hidden
Sean Clute – Forever Young
Ben Hatfield – Francis Bacon’s Mom and Dad
Cassie Stone – Untitled
Kyle Kankelborg – Space Fabric
Robyn Lieggi- Stacked Teapot
Miriam Griffin- Untitled
Nathan Tonning – Trailer Queen
Jackson Goodell – Paths Collide
Jessica Klier – Staircase
Clay Pape – Monument and Horizon
Angela Giles – Luminous Flower
Rebekah Sanders – Grounded
Kylie Della – Self Portrait #8
Margaret Boelman – Seeing
Scott Miller – Smoke
Stephanie Kenny – Que Serra…
Jo Nasvik – Big City
Sarah Meismer – Ignorance is Bliss/Scientia
Lori Lynch – Sprig and All
Chase McBride – Installation
Rachel Jones – Free Fall
Nerissa Cook – Indigo
Shana Smith – Rationing Wonderbread
Ray Chapman – Crossroads
Jaquelyn Rauff – Untitled
Claire Mell – Skoon
Annabelle Harry – Inseparable
Dan Stromme - Milo
 Jennifer duToit – Mother Dearest