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The University of Montana Artist Collective is a student group at The University of Montana dedicated to the promotion of student art and the advancement of the student artistic community.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day of the Dead Parade

Attention Parade Goers! 

UMAC will be painting faces for the Missoula Day of The Dead Parade this Saturday.
Before the parade, meet us by the XX's on Higgins st. to get your face painted or join!

Face painting begins at 5pm
Parade starts at 6:30pm
Hope to see you down there.

                                              AC: John Karpinsky

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Accepted Works

Congratulations to all who took the risk to enter and those of you that were accepted into this year’s exhibition.

Please note that there may be spelling errors due to typos, can’t read your handwriting, or exhaustion!  Please make legible corrections on this list.

Please pick up works that were not accepted on Wednesday, October 30, between 11-2. 

Thomas Manzuenewez – His Turn
Sarah Tancred – Hair of the Dog and Underarms and Eyebrows
Elaine Fraticelli – Tropical Lilies and Growth
Michael Workman – Hs Majesty 1987 and Over Achiever
Max Mahn – Home Office and Twin House
Garrett Brough – Pushing the Limits
Christa Ames – Examination and Incompetent
Breanna deMontigny - Jane
William Picking – Before the Storm Broke and The Green Man
Kristina Myer – Intimate Deception and The Elephant in the Room
Elisha Thomas – 1 out of 4
Jennifer Wright – Frogs
Anthony Yazzie – Horse
Amanda Easton – La grimas and Lustres Animales
Thea Meussling – Catilingus
Kelsey McDonaugh – Frantically Bare Women Soar Above
Katherine Foley – On the Edge
Stormie Dana – Untitled 1 and 2
Parker Beckley – Untitled
Eva Stone – Save the Planes
Tracy Warneke-Klepzig – Peter Iredale
Michael Hansen – October 19
Andrea Crossguns – Her: What Lies Beneath
Lea Christiansen – Capricorn
James Louks – And You’re Stuck By… and Anonymous Land Claim
Beth Hutala – Stuck and Raccoon Fetish
Charnay Murphy – Factory and Adrift
Stephanie Reiman – A Farewell to Arms
Glory Lawson – At Last
Claire Melli – Aporia #7  and #6
Lena Olsen – O
Holly Hawkes Scott – And They Were Bone Tired
Sara Mich – Grace and Unconditional Love
Sarah Magar – Eggs and Bacon
Kaylen Joehnk - …tea
Gerald Polinsky – Grand Canyon
Syd Faul – It’s a Game…
Ellen Walden – Capacious Courage
Rachel Chansler – Dwarfism: Diastrophic Dysplasia
Katie Berberick - ?
Aja Sherrard – Help in Time of Need
Troy Case – Conversation
Tim Carpenter – Plague of Babies
Kyle KanKelborg- Identity and Commercialism
Charlotte Dysthe – Anchored
Tyler Nansen – Yellow #1
Bridget Stokes – Damned
David Tarullo – Rependent Soldier
Sasha Barrett – Growth 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Entry Form Failure

Sorry we lied, it looks like its available but when you click it, it takes you to a login page.  Very sorry we'll try to fix this today, if not just bring you're art to the GVA tomorrow and fill one out there, sorry for the inconvenience.

Entry Form Available

The 19th Annual Juried Show Entry Form is available in UMAC Forms, you should be able to download it and print it off, if anyone has any problems please let us know.  We apologize for not having it available earlier, we will also have forms available in the Gallery of Visual Arts tomorrow (Oct. 29th) from 9am-2pm.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

19th Annual Juried Student Exhibit

 Call to Artists!!  

 For The 19th Annual Juried Student Exhibit

Submissions are due Oct 29th to the Gallery of Visual Arts
From 9am-2pm

Submit 1 piece for $10 
Submit 2 pieces for $15

Exhibit will be open on Nov 7th - Dec 5th