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The University of Montana Artist Collective is a student group at The University of Montana dedicated to the promotion of student art and the advancement of the student artistic community.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hear from two of the artists whose work was selected for the 20th Annual Juried UM Student Art Exhibition. The exhibition will be on display from Nov. 12 to Dec. 5.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

20th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Accepted Works

Opening Reception: WEDNESDAY, November 12, 5-7 pm
Juror’s Remarks and Award Ceremony 5:30 pm

Congratulations to all who took the risk to enter and those of you that were accepted into this year’s exhibition.

Please note that there may be spelling errors due to typos, can’t read your handwriting, or exhaustion!  Please make legible corrections on this list.

Please pick up works that were not accepted on Thursday, November 6, between 11-5.

Accepted Works:
Beth Huhtala- both pieces
Richard March – Ubermenschlich
Nicholas Kakauns (sp?) – Sporotrichosis
Glory Lawson – Go Ahead…
Shelby Johnson – Shame
Kristina Myer – Single Ladies
Eric Ehlert – Both pieces
Kimberly Randall – both pieces
Dave Tarullo – Connection Between…
Elaine Kelly- Shale
Tressa Jones – Ariadnes Thread (Please Contact Cathryn Mallory)
Alissa Wynne – both
Haley Jacobson – both (Please contact gallery director, Cathryn Mallory 243-2813)
Lindsey Tucker – August 8
Colter Lavensdorf – both
Samantha Briegel – Scalloped Vase
Joshua Tiara- Memories…
Hanna Callahan – Hardly Home
Ashley Reloba (Meyora) – Cascade
Marijka Devivier- Four Squirrels
Evan Hauser – My Way of Escape
Karl Schwaiesow_ Both
Eva Stone- Both
Pearl Vasseur
Alley Carter – both
Cameron Klise – Untitled
Abby Sweet – Coming Up Short
Crista Ann Ames – both
Tyler Nansen – Rifleman in Pink
Michael Workman – Weaponized Touch
Paul Tiede – When the Poems…
Jennifer Wright – Cherry Blossom Tea Pot
Nicholas Kakanas – Looking
Aja Mujinga Sherrard – Costuming Kinship
Steph Reiman – Untitled
Thomas Manzanarez – Make Sure You Kiss Your Hands…
Brianna McLean – First Impression
Aeriel Waunab – The Destruction
Kevin Farris – Untitled painting
Amy Petit – Nest
Ashley Rickman – Liminality #1
Paige Ward – Both
Troy Case – We’re Men, Right
Joshua Hege- Brown/Tan Pitcher
Tricia Gieser – Arrietty
Sarah Magar – The Wave/Counting Rainbows (Please contact Cathryn Mallory, 243-2813)
Elisha Harteis – No More Corners
Emma Bryant- Crocheted Comfort

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Here is the Entry form for the 20th Annual Juried Student Exhibition! Make sure to have both portions filed out for each entry. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Steamroller Print Day! Jim Bailey and the printmaking students will be outside printing today. Stop by and say hello!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Artist Amanda Browder is speaking tonight in the PARTV Center Lobby from at 5:00pm tonight! Check out her work that's displayed on the Fine Arts Building by the theater doors. It's only there until 2:00pm today!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Here is a great article for you to read about, Vanessa German, our juror for the Annual Student Juried Art Exhibition next month! Click her name to read it.