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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

18th Annual Student Juried Art Exhibit- ACCEPTED LIST

18th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
Accepted Works

Congratulations to all who took the risk to enter and those of you that were accepted into this year’s exhibition.

Please note that there may be spelling errors due to typos, can’t read your handwriting, or exhaustion!  Please make corrections to this list in person or by e-mail.

Alexandra Sugiri – Accumulation
Roseline Cudotte- Why is the Sky Blue?
Sarah Christenson- Overwhelmed
Dakotah Pahl- Tempest
Lukas Phelan- Lost Control
Angela Anderson- Just You and I
John Ryan- You Can’t Gitmo Satisfaction
Jim Heath- Arrow of Time
Morgan Rollins- The Sun is Cooing
Kayla Crooks- Montana’s China Set, Fresh Delivery
Robert Le Piane- The Classy Cliché
Lindsey Tucker- Impresiones vividas
Tracy Warneke-Klepzig- The Player
Sam Case- Forget the Great Plains
Crista Ames- The Greedy Goose, Bad Nisse
Breanna deMontigny- Untitled #2
Amanda Easton- Leada
Kristina Myer- Not Everyone Can Be A Sucker
Ron Geibel- Fondle
Charlotte Dusthe- Torso
Stephanie Reiman- Aggregation of Memories, Refurbished
Mary Callahan Baumstark- Work/Wreck
Charnay Murphy- Boob Tube, Drinking Bird
Kelsey McDonough- Long Necks
Elisha Thomas- GMO
Anthony Yazzie- Stretch Studies 4 of 4
Samantha Cypher- Thanks, Come Again
Saquoia Raymond- Untitled, Untitled
Adam McDonald- Ab-ex Painting, Cartoon Painting
Troy Case- Cookie Jar, And Tea
Tessa Heck- Grimey, Self-Portrait
Brenna Rietman- Mr. Takin
Ashley Bilyer- Tourist Trap
Gaston- The Phone Call in Albi, Crépuscule
Gabrial Kerber- The blue light was my blues and the yellow was my mind
Jack Wicks- Untitled
Zach Cook- Encoded Exercises
Tim Fox- Between Her & the Earth
Janaina Vieira-Marques – Progress?
Katie Machain – Memory Interception, Lost Time
Dane Hansen – Loose Tooth
Len Christiansen –
James Louks – Jesus of Nazareth, Don’t Think Twice
Jack Metcalf – A Synthetic Spring
Jen Bardsley – Cloud Forts, Mining Geology
Sarah Tancred – The Way It Was/Is
Suzanne Lussier – Act of Contrition, Subordination
Dean Foster – 1,2,3; Landscape
Jason Bohman – Imagination is a Simple Device
Sarah Eisenlohr – Late
Gustav Hamilton – Happiness, Detroit Lakes, MN
Cassie Stone – Cover It Up, Release
Kyle Kankelborg – Trip Through the Park
Miriam Griffin- Human Fuckin’ Knowledge, Untitled
Clay Pape – Sunset 9-3-12
Rebekah Sanders – Untitled
Margaret Boelman – 1%
Scott Miller – Memorial/Safety Marker
Jo Nasvik – Dancing Circles in Red, Circle #1
Sarah Meismer – Reality TV
Chase McBride – Composition No. 9, 12 Abstractions in Gouache
Nerissa Cook – The Gender of Things
Jaquelyn Rauff – Best Intentions, Merchandising
Claire Melli – Pax Romana
Annabelle Harry – Sky Swimming
Jennifer duTroit – This jealousy of Samantha lasted for years.
Kari Goettlich – Pick Me

All non-accepted work must be picked up from the GVA before 2pm tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th.

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  1. The annual student juried art exhibit was comprised of sixty-eight works by forty-four artists from the UWGB campus. Juried by Frank Lewis, Curator of the Wriston Art Gallery, Lawrence University, Appleton, this was a lively and eclectic exhibition that showcased an impressive variety and quality of works in all media.