Missoula, Montana, United States
The University of Montana Artist Collective is a student group at The University of Montana dedicated to the promotion of student art and the advancement of the student artistic community.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

19th Annual Juried Student Exhibit

 Call to Artists!!  

 For The 19th Annual Juried Student Exhibit

Submissions are due Oct 29th to the Gallery of Visual Arts
From 9am-2pm

Submit 1 piece for $10 
Submit 2 pieces for $15

Exhibit will be open on Nov 7th - Dec 5th


  1. HI! Should people be using the 18th Annual Student Juried Art Show form to submit works to the 19th Annual Show? I don't see a link to a different form...


  2. You can use the lower half of that form, that will be exactly the same, but all the info from last year is obviously wrong so if you ignore that you can print out the lower half and give us that on Tuesday.