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The University of Montana Artist Collective is a student group at The University of Montana dedicated to the promotion of student art and the advancement of the student artistic community.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glasgow Show Accepted Work

Ben Crawford, entry 1, "Westward Expansion"
Louis Habeck, entry 1, "The General" and entry 2 "Clement"
Kendra McKlosky, High Ore-River-Speculator and Movement of High Density Materials
Jennifer duToit, , "Ghosting, Butte, MT"
Sarahjess Hurt, entry 1
Cordelia Raymond, entry 1, (bowls)
Kyle O'Neill, entry 1 and entry 2
Shane Morgan, entry 1 (the coffee maker)
Jose Chavez, entry 1, "Missing Three Ways"
Ellie Weber, entry 1 (3D) and entry 2 (2D)
Rico Dunn, entry 1 and entry 3
Jen Kolokithas, entry 1

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